Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Our chart not only provides men’s shoe sizes in traditional U.S., U.K., and European measurements, but also offers valuable information on men’s shoe size in inches and men’s shoe size in cm.

For Men’s shoe sizes, there’s no one standard for calculating different sizes; each brand has it’s own methods of calculating sizes. We’ve compiled what we think is an accurate and average measurement conversion for each size. Please consult your brand’s dedicated sizing chart for the most detailed sizing charts.


For example, for Men’s US Shoe Size 8 to UK, some brands will subtract 1 from the US size to get the UK size, others (like us) calculate it by subtracting .5 of a shoe size.

Another slight variation in sizing is going from US to EU Shoe size. Some add 32 to the US size, we have opted to add 33. For example 42 in EU to US in some charts is a size 10 US. In our chart it is a US size 9.

If you are looking to convert men’s to women’s sizes or women’s to men’s shoe sizes and need more charts, check out our handy shoe size conversion tool and multiple detailed charts for a quick conversion

Men’s Shoe Size Guide (And Tips!)

  • Men’s shoe size conversions vary by brand and region. We’ve compiled a list of the “average” shoe sizes for men that we find fit right in the middle with other shoe size comparison websites.
  • If you want more space, consider going up half a size in shoes. If you want a more “snug” fit, size down.
  • The best way to measure your true shoe size is to look at your previous pairs and then double check on this page.

Men’s Shoe Size Conversions

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